The Search for Truth and Justice Is Vital in Resolving Conflicts

Topics: Family, English-language films, Son Pages: 2 (667 words) Published: October 26, 2010
The style of writing I m presenting is a persuasive intent, in the form of a letter expressing a point of view. I m writing this piece from the view point of Michael Gallagher, to demonstrate that justice and truth is vital in resolving conflicts. The reason I chose this particular character is because Michael is the main personality in the context. I choose Michael’s best friend to write this letter to because he would not be uncomfortable expressing his feeling of loosing his son Aiden. My target audience is not only Michael’s best friend but also families of all victims that were affected in the bombing. I have used calm but a serious tone to this particular context.

Dear John,
How are you doing? I’m sure you have heard of the sectarian violence in Northern Ireland through the news. The last month was the longest, most complex and bitter battles with in the families of Northern Ireland. The tragedy that struck in my family is that we lost Aiden in the bomb blast. I want you to be in agreement with me that my attempt to find truth and to achieve justice is vital in resolving conflicts. For that reason, I believe you understand why I haven’t been able to reply to your messages all these days.

I m writing this letter to you in order to share the aftermath of the horrifying tragedy that took my sons life. The unforgettable disaster that struck my family on 15 August 1998 will never be forgotten and I believe that this day will never be forgotten by the families who lost their loved ones in the car bombing. He wasn’t just my son you know he was my workmate, he was everything to me. I feel lonely without him in my life now. You know my two daughters and my wife Patsy are against me in my decision to find the killers to justice. All Pasty wants to know is that if he is at peace and however is ready to move on in life. But you know John I can’t do it like that I have to bring the killers to justice and then only I would feel like I have done something in...
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