The Sea Inside

Topics: Javier Bardem, Ramón Sampedro, The Sea Inside Pages: 7 (2509 words) Published: July 21, 2013
Background knowledge of the movie, book or product:
1. Who were its creators or original developers?
Pedro Almenabar
2. Exactly what are you reviewing?
A movie based in a real life of Ramon Sampedro
3. When and where was it created?
Ramon Sampedro born in Spain January 5, 1943 and died January 12, 1998, the movie was presented to audience in December 9, 2004, New York city, New York, USA. 4. Why was created?
On my personal opinion was created as a tribute to this man, that fight for obtain the permit to die, for the principles of euthanasia, due the circumstance of life that he had as a quadriplegic man, unable to take care of himself and didn’t move any part of his body except his mouth and eyes, due a terrible accident in the sea. 5. How was it made?

The movie count with the videos, letters, notes, books and poems of the protagonist Mr. Ramon Sampedro, for the collaboration in enriching testimony of his lawyer, family and friends that help to make up and build the life of each character of the movie. Using ITT Tech Virtual Library to locate at least one review of your movie, book, or product. 1. What have others said about your movie, book or product? If someone should ask you, 'What's good at the movies?,' and you answer, 'Well, there's this swell Spanish film about a quadriplegic guy who's fighting for the fight to die,' chances are the next words you'll hear are, 'What else?' Such antipathy characterized at least the initial North American response to The Sea Inside, a multiple prize-winning, box-office hit in Spain and elsewhere in Europe. The film was no doubt aided overseas by greater familiarity with its subject, as a biopic concerning Ramón Sampedro, whose battle during the 1990's to be able to choose a 'death with dignity' produced widespread media coverage, a best-selling book of his writings, and ultimately, in 1998, an assisted suicide. Its U.S. distributors no doubt have counted on Javier Bardem's tour-de-force performance as Sampedro to win over recalcitrant spectators to a 'triumph over disability' story in which victory is achieved when the hero dies. Paralyzed below the neck by an accident, Sampedro could not enact his wish for death without the help of others, which was banned by law. Ultimately he found a way to die (by drinking a solution containing cyanide) in which each individual act in the chain of assistance was not, by itself, illegal. Rather than simply flouting the law, he wanted to overturn it, taking his case unsuccessfully not only through the Spanish courts but also--as noted in press accounts, although not in the film--to the European Commission on Human Rights. The Sea Inside is thus inevitably a political film, even if its political dimension doesn't hold much interest for the filmmakers, who treat this aspect of their protagonist's struggle perfunctorily and even jocularly. Aided by the lawyers and staff of a Spanish organization dedicated to "the right to die with dignity," Sampedro faced opposition from the Catholic Church and inaction from a reluctant judiciary. In the film, a priest who is also quadriplegic seeks a personal debate, but his wheelchair can't be carried up the narrow stairs to Sampedro's bedroom. A young priest's attempt to serve as intermediary devolves into a comic sequence that effectively overwhelms the content of contrasting viewpoints. One can imagine a more trenchant treatment of arguments over 'voluntary euthanasia' that would make its opponents appear less laughable or cowardly. Some may remember that the Nazis practiced euthanasia on physically and mentally disabled Germans, 'lives unworthy of life,' in service of their racial doctrines and as prelude to the Holocaust. Nevertheless, a film so grounded in historical actuality and social complexity might not have been expected from its young director and cowriter (and editor and composer), Alejandro Amenábar, previously known for stylish...
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