The SDLC Process

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Task 4
Software structure
A practical example of module. Functions generally are used to calculate a value although some may preform actions instead re-usable
Another practical example of a module. Procedures tend to perform actions as with functions these are reusable
Part of the object-oriented programming paradigm a class contains both data and functions that describe a real world thing
A concrete instance of a class complete with its personal data
Abstraction of data
One of the key principle ideas behind the creation of classes in data abstraction the data type is less important than the operations that can preformed on it in a sense the data type is hidden behind a limited number of functions method
Predefine code
Generally a term describing code that is already written and that can be used in a developers solution with permission this may take the form of a compiled module a call to the operating system or a snippet of ready-made code that can be inserted into their solution

The SDLC process was designed to ensure end-state solutions meet user requirements in support of business strategic goals and objectives. In addition, the SDLC also provides a detailed guide to help Program Managers with ALL aspects of IT system development, regardless of the system size and scope. The SDLC contains a comprehensive checklist of the rules and regulations governing IT systems, and is one way to ensure system developers comply with all applicable Government regulations, because the consequences of not doing so are high and wide ranging. This is especially true in the post 9/11 environment where larger amounts of information are considered sensitive in nature, and are shared among commercial, international, Federal, state, and local partners.
The seven-step process contains a procedural checklist and the systematic progression required to evolve an IT system from conception to disposition. The following

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