the sculpture in the Temple of Zeus

Topics: Greek mythology, Temple of Zeus, Zeus Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: November 17, 2013
Olympia is known as the first home of athletics, where many remains of Ancient Olympics are located. In addition, the masterpiece of the ancient architecture—the Temple of Zeus is also a special scenery here. The Temple of Zeus was designed by Libon. It was constructed on 470 B.C. The Temple of Zeus was built with carved metopes and triglyph friezes. There’re many sculptures in the Temple of Zeus. These sculptures were curved between 480 B.C and 450 B.C, when the severe style was popular. The pediments and metopes on the top of the temple clearly showed the typical supreme and unparalleled creation of severe style at that age. On the west pediment of the temple, the sculptures showed a picture of chaos. It presented a battle between the Centaurs and Lapith people. The battle happened on the wedding of a Lapith hero called: Peirithoos. The Centaurs was drunk and tried to abduct the bride called: Deidameia, which infuriated the Lapith people. They started grappling with the Centaurs. The battle fluctuated from the center to the ends of the crowed and back again. Apollo stood in the center of the chaos. He represents the rule. We can see Apollo stand still in the middle of the west pediment, which strongly contrasts with his surroundings. This refer to that Apollo bring rule to the chaotic people. From the pediment, we can see the struggle between savagery and civilization. The Centaurs itself can show the struggle. Its upper body is the same as human being, which means they can think and talk. However, its lower body is the same as the horse. The Centaurs is a paradox of savagery and civilization. The west pediment of the temple also showed a struggle between savagery and civilization. Apollo strongly contrasts with his surroundings. Apollo represents the civilization, while the rest sculptures of the pediment stand for the savagery. The west pediment of the Temple of Zeus shows a picture of battle, on the contrary, the east pediment show a race between Pelops...
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