The Scientific Method

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The Scientific Method
Justin Lancaster

The Scientific Method
Throughout our lives, we face numerous challenges, obstacles and difficult decisions that require the use of higher-level thinking. When we process the different possibilities and scenarios in our mind, subconsciously we are using the scientific method to problem solve. This basic concept is developed from an early stage in our lives and while it is practiced often in the widespread experiments of science, it is a valuable tool that can be used to assist in even the smallest tasks we encounter on a daily basis.

Applying the scientific method is as simple as first analyzing a real life problem that can occur on any given day. A good example of this would be coming home after a day of work only to find that the porch light is out when you knew you turned it on before you left to work. While most may err on the side of caution, their own scientific method starts to formulate in their head to try to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The problem at hand, and the question that should be asked, would be figuring out how the porch light went off. This first step of the scientific method helps narrow down the goal to a single statement and helps put things into perspective. Without problems and questions, we would have no need for a scientific method! After determining the problem of the porch light, research on everything involving it would need to be done, which would most likely take place in a few seconds to minutes of brainstorming in this case. There are numerous questions that can be asked here in order to help gain an understanding of what may have happened. The first question that comes to mind would be how long has it been since the porch light was installed? It has been some years and light bulbs have a lifespan that varies depending on usage. Yet another question that can be asked would be is there anyone else that could have or gained access to the house? There isn’t...

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