The Science of Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Sociology, American Psychological Association Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: March 25, 2014
The Science of Psychology

I found this article both interesting and informative. It’s amazing to me that the earlier presidents of the American Psychological Association had such vision and were so accurate with their predictions of how the APA would grow over the years to follow. They knew how big of a role Psychology would play in society because it stemmed from many different sources and covered many issues. Society as a whole tends to play the blame game when things go wrong as opposed to digging deeper and figuring out the real reasons for things. Psychology takes that extra step, and finds out why people act and react the way they do; it forces one to take blame for their own actions. I found it interesting that there is so much dissension between the members of the organization, especially since they’re fighting for a lot of the same things. I personally believe that both psychology as a science and psychology as a profession rely on one another to advance in society today. In the article it was mentioned that a big part of the disagreement is due to a lack of trust amongst both the professionals and the scientists, I didn’t get why or how that lack of trust came along. Although a lot of the professionals and scientists have a hard time agreeing on a lot of things, they know this to be true as well. The American psychological association has seemingly had turmoil from the beginning, and faced rough times, but I don’t doubt their ability to once again overcome these issues and continue to advance. With the profession and science having grown so quickly over the years, I believe that the sky is the limit with how far the APA still has to go.
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