The Science of Psychology

Topics: Psychology, Cognitive science, Cognitive psychology Pages: 2 (463 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Chapter One: The Science of Psychology

* The three key words in the definition of psychology are: science, mental processes, and behavior. * Psychologists try to describe, control, explain, and predict mental processes. * To some degree, the roots of psychology lie in philosophy. * Wilhelm Wundt is considered to be a structuralist.

* If you’re “looking within” yourself to answer a question, then you are engaging in introspection. * An important application of functionalism has been with respect to education. * Professor Smith believes that “the whole is more than the sum of its parts.” As such, he is capturing a central idea of Gestalt psychology. * Which of the following statements about Freud is FALSE? He was trained as a psychologist. * All of the following psychologists are associated with the behaviorist approach EXCEPT Adler. * The strengthening of supporting consequences that result from a given behavior is known as reinforcement. * If Dr. Williams practices client-centered therapy, then se MOST likely agrees with the ideas of Rogers. * According to Rogers, a therapist should as a mirror.

* The computer led to the cognitive revolution.
* If you find yourself arguing the point that “the mind is what the brain does’” then you are furthering the views of cognitive neuroscience. * Arguably the best evidence for evolutionary psychology theories is cultural universality. * Of the following individuals, a psychiatrist would be MOST likely to hold a M.D. degree. * Suppose Heather is having some fairly minor, though noteworthy, problems in her marriage. As such, it would probably be MOST appropriate for her to see a counseling psychologist. * If Sue holds a C.S. degree, then she probably is a psychiatric nurse. * An industrial/organizational psychologist primarily conducts research pertaining to the workplace. * I Professor Burk researches about the nature of memory, then she probably is a...
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