The Science of Meat and Maggots

Topics: Hypothesis, Scientific method, Francesco Redi Pages: 2 (465 words) Published: October 1, 2014
Meat and Maggots I was asked to recreate the Redi experiment that was preformed originally in 1668 by disproving the spontaneous generation of maggots on meat. In this experiment there were steps that first had to taken. Step1. Observation: Step2. Ask Questions: Step3. Develop a Hypothesis: Step4. Make a prediction: Step 5. Perform experiment: Step 6. Collect results: Step 7. Interpret results and make conclusions. This was done by placing meat inside two jars and observing What would happen over the course of 4 days to the meat, in each jar I put a piece of meat. On one of the jars I placed a stopper and on the other I left it open so that the air can get to the meat. I then watched for 4 days to see what happens. The question that I was trying to find answers to was How many days would it take for maggots to appear, after the flies had been lading on the exposed meat, How do fly’s contribute to maggots forming on meat, if meat is exposed to the air and not covered do maggots develop? My prediction was that the flies would find the exposed meat very quickly as it began to rot, thus landing on it. While performing the experiment, I watched I found that the meat that was exposed to the air has been in contact with flies and maggots are forming in the meat. The maggots began to appear after two days, the meat that has been covered is still rotting because of the temp in the room but it is not forming maggots. As the flies come in contact with the meat they cause the maggots for form in the meat. After the meat was out for 4 days the experiment showed that the meat that was exposed to the flies and to the air has maggots. The conclusion is that if meat is uncovered and exposed to the air and has been in contact with flies that it developed maggots which concludes that the flies laid eggs on the rotting meat and caused the maggots.

Maggots appear on Rotting Meat?
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Are Flies responsible for maggot formation?
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