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The School System Is Not Important

By davismj May 07, 2012 658 Words
I believe that school is not important. My proposal goes out to all the parents and government officials in Tallahassee who designed the school system. Millions of teenagers and kids spend 5 days a week attending school where they have to sit around in class, detesting those Mondays and wasting their time away. Of course there are going to be students who want learn and accelerate in school but there are going to be plenty of them who believe school isn’t necessary. K- 8 are important to me and I feel like those are essential years every person should go through. However, I don’t believe it is right for teenagers to be required to go to school after 8th grade. Many kids don’t need the excess educational curriculum. It is irrelevant as well as mostly a waste of time and money to send teenagers through additional schooling. There are many reasons to support the waste of time and money which school produces. Once you get into the job world and are hired by a company, they’re either going to send you somewhere else to get trained or they’ll put you through training themselves. It’s unnecessary to go through the process of getting your masters or doctrines degree and then go off into a corporate industry. Again, they’re going make you learn and teach you the required skills anyway. So what was the point of those 4-8 years you went in school for? It’s safe to say that most students do not need to know which president was born on the 4th of July to get a job. Regardless, the company that hires someone is going teach him/her how they want work operated and as an employer you’re going to have to learn how they want things done. Another key factor about my proposal involves the monetary aspect of it. By not going to school at all individuals are given four years of which you can enter the work force at an early age and earn an income at an average of $30,000 a year for 6 years. So that’s around $120,000 you could be abandoning by just going to high school. If you enter the workforce at an early age you’ll be bringing in more money and more income. The opportunity costs are much better and it wouldn’t hurt to help the family keep that roof over your head. Another idea about the obscurity in school is that the government won’t have to supply as much money for public funding all around the world. Fewer schools and students mean decreased government spending on loans and grants. We all know our economy isn’t doing so well right now. It’s very important that we do everything we can to save money. I believe this school system doesn’t need all the help they can get because fewer students would be required to go. This will help Florida and other states stay on the right track. I’m not saying to completely remove the school systems but students should have a choice in whether they want to continue school or not in their teens. They should not be required and forced to go by the state due to certain learning styles each individual possesses. Many students wonder why they’re supposed to go to school and if they even need to go to college to be successful. If you search about Albert Einstein you’ll learn that he dropped out of college. Look what he did! He was a genius and invented so much to benefit people today. Another example is Mark Zuckerberg! He’s been on the cover for Person of the Year in 2010 on Time Magazine being the 2nd youngest person to receive that title. Zuckerberg dropped out of high school, didn’t go to college and is making millions of his famous invention we all know and love: Facebook, which has made a significant impact on the world.

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