The Scarlet Letter

Topics: Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter, Metaphor Pages: 4 (956 words) Published: September 16, 2011
English 3AP The Scarlet Letter Test

1. In the passage beginning at the bottom of page 37 (It was a circumstance…) and ending on page 39 (here comes Mistress Prynne herself), the narrator seems to feel that the women of the era A) are harsher in their judgments than are the ruling menB) are overly submissive to menC) are without exception bitter-tempered D) are more refined than the narrator’s contemporariesE) are explicitly to blame for Hester’s sin

2. The conversation beginning “Goodwives” (page 38) and ending “…Mistress Prynne herself” (page 39), is best characterized by several A) personificationsB) euphemismsC) imagesD) hyperboles E) rhetorical questions

3. The mood of the last paragraph in Chapter 3 can best be described as: A) deprecatory
B) despondent
C) serene
D) satiric
E) opulent

4. Which of the following lines from the last paragraph on page 93 is the best example of a metaphor? A) “the two were lodged in the same house”
B) “ebb and flow of the minister’s life tide”C) “the best possible measure for the young clergyman’s welfare” D) “this latter step, however,”
E) “as if priestly celibacy were one of his articles of church discipline”

5. The last paragraphs of chapters 7 and 11 are most similar in that they A) suggest an inherent sagacity in the characters.B) emphasize the dominate themes of Romanticism.C) juxtapose the sinful life with the eternal hopefulness of purification.D) develop a suspenseful and anticipatory mood. E) contrast the imperious nature of a character faced with difficult circumstances.

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6. The word inimical as it is used on the top of page 97 (8 lines from the top) must likely means: A) timorous
B) hostile
C) lascivious
D) mournful
E) vacant

7. The sentence beginning with “No golden light” and ending with “this dark forest” on the bottom of page 146 until the top of 147 is an example of: A) euphemistic languageB) metonymyC) paradoxical ideasD) an oxymoronE)...
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