The Scarlet Ibis, by James Hurst: Short Story Review

Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: January 14, 2001
The Scarlet Ibis
In the "Scarlet Ibis" Brother helped his little brother Doodle live life to the fullest. Brother was responsible for Doodle's life and his death. Brother was usually good to Doodle and also mean to Doodle. When Brother was mean to Doodle he was very mean.

Brother was a good person. In fact he Doodle how to walk. This show he wanted help Doodle so that he would not be dumb. Brother cared about Doodle a lot that is why he taught Doodle to walk. Brother shared all the places he loved with Doodle. For example Old Woman Swamp Brother loved this place it was his favorite place in the world. Brother wanted to have a good relationship with Doodle therefore he loved Doodle. Even though Brother was not always nice to Doodle he cared tremendously for him. That is why he did these things for Doodle. Although Brother loved Doodle he was also very mean. In fact he tipped Doodle over when he was in the go-cart. Brother had a short temper for Doodle why else would Brother do this to Doodle. When Brother left Doodle in the storm it showed that he gave up on Doodle and left him to die. At this point Brother stopped caring and loving Doodle because Brother let his pride get in the way of the relationship that he and Doodle had for each other furthermore this led to Doodle's death.

Brother and Doodle shared a special relationship but when Brother left Doodle in the storm that relationship had come to an end. Doodle did live his life to the fullest and Brother showed him how to do this.
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