The scariest thing that have ever happened in my life 2

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The scariest thing that have ever happened in my life.
I remember two or one years ago, I have this scary dream about spider. It was a BIG spider about my size but maybe a little bit shorter and rounder than me. It was obviously black and furry. Ew. And the spider was not walking crawling like how the usually but it was standing with only two legs.

It happened in my class during form 4. The spider was standing at the back of the class with its other legs up like this *action* and stared at me while saying something that I don’t really remember but it clearly “I know you hate us and you going to kill me and now I’m going to eat you alive”. That’s when I started running furiously.

As you all aware that I hate spider, I think those spider knows that I hate them and they might hate me too. It is a phobia that’s hard to overcome even how hard I try to convince myself that it won’t and attack me and chase me to death and eat me. Two years ago, when I was in form 4, I met my all-time enemy, a spider. It was almost as big as me and has really black and furry hair all around its body. The spider has two big round black eyes that will make you shiver every time you stare at them but weirdly, the spider has the head of a human. That’s weird. I met the spider at the back of my classroom. It was blurry but I remember vividly what the spider said, “You scare of us aren’t you? You hate us and you going to kill us but I will definitely hunt you and eat you alive”, then its start to chase me using only two feet and I run for my life. There are many times that the spider almost caught me but I always managed to run away. Unfortunately, after running for miles the spider trapped me between its arms. I started to have cold sweat, screaming and crying. The spider started to spit out its spider web and round it around by body and then BOOM! A knock on my door woke me up from the cruel dream world. A dream, a spider, a night, is the scariest things that have ever happened...
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