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Topics: Firearm, Concealed carry in the United States, Gun Control Pages: 2 (774 words) Published: November 25, 2013

The Gun Law In Greenville
Should law officials and military personnel only carry handguns? That’s the question shooting around campus. When in conversation, the gun law sparks up exceptional interest, many saying that handguns do not kill people; “people kill people”. In the United States, people have had right to own guns since the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified. Would it make since to ban them now in certain areas? In Greenville, North Carolina, home of the East Carolina Pirates, this is an ongoing epidemic that has everyone talking. From the look of things it is essentially split down the middle between those who oppose the bill, and those who support it. Governor Pat McCory signed House Bill 937 in late July, amending the states current firearm laws. This new passage of law now allows any person with a concealed handgun permit, to carry and bring their firearm onto school campuses. Upon hearing this, many jump to the conclusion that there will be a large number of weapons on campus. This is in fact a false statement as roughly two percent of the North Carolina population has an active permit, and of that, less than one percent are college students. However, if the availability of guns on campus is in fact possible, will more school shootings occur? Well, the answer to that would be probably not and that is because in order to be given a permit, you must go through rigorous testing. This makes it much harder to possess a firearm, so the idea that only the responsible have one keeps one at rest. Since October 1 of 2013, the law has allowed and any person with a authorized concealed handgun permit is allowed to have a handgun on educational property, as long as that the weapon is in a locked container which is attached to a vehicle, or for that matter, any container in a locked vehicle. The new law also applies at spectator events where vehicles are parked on campus property, such as football tailgating or concerts and with J Cole in...
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