The Sandwich Factory

Topics: Metaphor, Character, Protagonist Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: January 20, 2011
The Sandwich Factory
Today everyone wants to be something, they want to achieve something. They want to be successful and have an important and interesting job but some people don’t get that far. They end up working in factories, acting like machines hour after hour, doing meaningless repetitive tasks and losing their individuality. In Jason Kennedy’s short story “The Sandwich Factory” we are introduced to just such a guy who works like a machine in a factory doing the same thing every single day… The short story is written from the main character’s perspective which is a very absurd and humoristic point of view. He has tried to get a job at the bowling alley but was rejected, so now he is stuck with a low-paid job at the sandwich factory. Throughout the story he says how much he dislikes his job and what his surroundings are like. He looks upon every single thing in the factory as useless and everything irritates him. When he talks about the workers at the so-called tomato-slicing factory, he says that they are “similar bored and unhappy workers…”(ll.51-52) This tells us that he is living an unhappy and boring life since he uses the word similar. The entire story takes place in 1994 in a factory located in England where you are introduced to some of the employees. One of them is “mad kid”, who the main character dislikes very much. He calls him mad since he frequently waves a knife around as he is on his way home. The main character seems mentally ill in some cases and this makes me think that the “mad kid” is just a part of his imagination. On page three, ll. 40-44, he asks himself if the mad kid is behind him and he has to feel his back to make sure that he has not been stabbed. He also mentions a coworker who always looks surprised when he talks to him. I think the coworker is afraid of him since he is acting weird. He may also just have a sick sense of humor. Throughout the story he makes fun of everything and everybody. He might be so bored that he...
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