The Sand Dollar

Topics: Circulatory System, Sea urchin, Mussel Pages: 4 (1716 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The Sand Dollar
Splash!! Of course it’s me being picked up by every human and throwing me as far away out as possible. It gets me very angry and annoyed because the humans don’t treat me with enough respect as some other organisms living here. Humans don’t look at me as a living creature and I have the same systems and some of the same body parts as them but I’m just a lot smaller in size. They get angry at me for trying to get away using my spines to move along the sand. People who pick me up don’t even attempt to look at me and just think I’m not even a living creature. Everyday humans in general throw me around like I am a toy but I have qualities they have also but don’t realize. I always ask myself “Why can’t I be one of those things left on the sand and not get thrown around with?” I wake up every day down and feeling miserable because I am so overlooked its misfortunate.

There are constant questions about why I’m always overlooked. I think I am amazing and have great things to show forth towards humans. Are we to “boring” or “not as interesting” to study or at least look at? I mean everything on Earth has a unique thing to it and humans don’t understand that about us especially. We have a type of plant as our design which I think is very cool but it doesn’t seem to attract anyone besides me. Is it because we don’t have a circulatory, respiratory, and excretory system that we have no information about us to study from? Is it because we aren’t fast enough or have to the agility to escape predators? We are the same as almost every other organisms living today with systems, certain body parts, we eat food for nutrition, etc. Is everything about us not good enough for anyone? What is not to like about us? It hard to believe humans just treat us like a piece of trash and not giving anything they touch or study any respect of who they are. Are all humans like that?

When they pick us out of the water, they never knew that we could have...
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