The Safety Management System at PNSC

Topics: Ship, Piracy, Safety Pages: 3 (870 words) Published: December 23, 2011

The Safety Management System (SMS) at PNSC is very comprehensive and concise, which follows ISM-International Safety Management. ISM is more important than ISO 9001.ISM is also a basic requirement for establishing a shipping company. A shipping company can be severely penalized if it does not follow ISM. For safety of workers at PNSC, it has published manuals for everything concerned with shipping; even the schedule of specific duties on shores, on office or on the ship is mentioned in these manuals. Usually the crew on the ship is always low, about 25, including officers and supporting officers (ratings).People in this industry are not prone to following the specified safety rules, and so they end up facing disastrous consequences, such as cutting and mincing of fingers because of not taking safety precautions. PNSC is one of the very few companies in the World, which has latest and effective equipment for the safety of the ships. Such as ISET phone-international set phone which is used to communicate on shore with officers from the ship while travelling. It is very expensive and is used occasionally. Most of PNSC’s ships are equipped with this instrument. The employees in this industry require constant up gradation with recent trends in safety management and training techniques even strict criteria is used for selection and recruitment of employees. Techniques such as simulation and regular training programmes in Pakistan and abroad are used to train workers. The appraisal techniques of the employees include quiz and tests on the coursework they have studied.

Specific instructions are given to the ship crew on pirates such as history of pirate, timings of attack and kinds of weaponry they use .Special emphasis is laid on the best management practices to obstruct piracy. The main training is based on proper communication which enables the crew to stay up to date with the on shore officer’s instructions, possible ship routes and high risk areas...
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