the running man

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Chapter One
1. The story begins with Joseph attending a funeral. What feelings and emotions is he experiencing?At the funeral joseph has a ache of regret and loss burning inside of his the words “it’s my fault” ached in his try and inure the heart breaking place joseph tries to picture himself in a another place but the sounds of the cleaning of a throat bring him back to reality. 2. As Joseph tries to work out the chain of events that has brought him there, he finds himself thinking of silkworms. Why? (p. 3)As joseph tries to work out the chain of events that brought him there he finds him thinking of silkworms because trying to untangle the tangled threads of the past like unwinding the silk from a silkworm cocoon, joseph has been searching for the one shalterable thread that would lead him further 3. When he recalls the recent past, Joseph sees the faces of three men. Who are they and what feature of each man’s face is highlighted? (p. 3) when joseph recalls the recent past, he sees the face of three men, the men are his farmer, tom leyton and the running man. he sees his farthers face as bewildered, hurt and angry then joseph sees toms face, its silent and hidden deep in the shadows of his room. last of all he sees the running man, his eyes burning with a desperate fire. 4. The chapter ends with an image of Joseph’s neighbours’ house. What simile is used to describe it? What effect does it create? (p. 4)an image of josephs neighbours house is created as the chapter ends, the house is described as being perched high on its black timer like some long legged creature waiting in the shadows the smile makes the reader curious about the house secrets. Chapter Two

1. What are the attitudes of Mrs Mossop, Laura Davidson and Joseph towards Tom Leyton?mrs mossop’s Laura davidson’s andnjosephs attitudes towards tom leyton aren’t positive, he is voloutary as a tantalising riddle for the whole neighbourhood. tom is dangerous and a sick man to mrs mossop. miss davidson believes that he has gone throughout alotand has seen more of the world then he wanted too and that is why he acts ‘strange’. Joseph believes tom leyton has become an accepted unknown, like the dark interiors of there house next door. 2. What is Joseph’s reaction to the suggestion that he draw Tom Leyton for his school project? (pp. 22–3) when caroline suggest to Joseph that he draw tom leyton for his school art project, he acts poorly, and feels amazed and as if something dreadful has been thrust ’between’ them that cannot be taken away Joseph tries to find the words to say no but he remains stretch dumb and speechless with a small smile frozen on his face and hiss cheeks full of embarrassment 3. What references are there to Joseph’s father in this chapter? (pp. 13, 23) How does Joseph respond to any mention of his father? In this chapter we found out about Josephs farther is driving some big machinery un in bougainvillaea as his job. he is been away 6 months Joseph seems to feel unfavourable towards him. he doesn't talk to anyone about him ins tread Joseph recoils from the unwanted memories about his farther

The author describes the rumours that surround Tom Leyton as a ‘tangle of noxious weeds’ which hide the ‘delicate flower’ of truth. Write a poem entitled ‘Rumours’ and create your own images for the harmful nature of rumours.

Rumour is a pipe
Blown by surmises, jealousies, conjectures,
And of so easy and so plain a stop
That the blunt monster with uncounted heads,
The still-discordant wavering multitude,
Can play upon it. (King Henry IV Part II)

Discuss the effect of rumours in today’s society. You might like to consider different areas such as school, media and politics. Write a scene where Mrs Mossop tells a friend what she thinks about Laura Davidson letting her son Joseph mow the Leytons’ lawn.

Chapter Three
1. Why do you think Joseph’s childhood nightmare of the Running Man returns? I think...
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