The Runaway Dolls

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The Runaway Dolls
Book Report

The Runaway Dolls is a book about two dolls that are best friends. Their names are Annabelle Doll and Tiffany Funcraft. When their owners, the Palmers, leave for vacation the dolls decide to go exploring. They discover a mysterious package that arrived addressed to the Palmer’s great grandfather from more than one hundred years ago. When Annabelle and Tiffany go to visit the package, they hear a little voice coming out of the box. They think there is a doll inside of it. Annabelle begins to wonder if it could be her long lost sister who actually never arrived years ago.

They decided to go tell Annabelle’s parents about the package and try to convince them that they need to open it because they believe it could be her long lost baby sister. They do not believe Annabelle and will not go to the package. Annabelle and Tiffany decide to sneak back down and open the package. Inside they discover Matilida May – Annabelle’s long lost baby sister. They then decide that they are going to run away together.

They start their adventure by first getting a ride in the neighbor’s wagon. Along the way, Tilly May’s bonnet flies out and Annabelle and Tiffany go after it. Before they can get back in, the neighbor boys pull the wagon away with Tilly May still in it. Luckily, Annabelle and Tiffany’s brothers (Billy and Bobby) had been spying on them and they to were in the wagon with Tilly May. The boys grabbed Tilly May and jumped out of the wagon. When all the dolls joined back up, they decided that running away had been a dumb idea. They decided to follow the neighbor’s boys and try to jump back into the wagon, so hopefully they would get back home. The dolls went through many obstacles trying to get back home, but almost got stepped on and smashed. They decided to jump into a woman’s stroller for safety.

The stroller went into a huge department store where they decided to hide until nighttime. Unfortunately, the store...
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