The Rug Maker Chapter 9

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The Rugmaker of Mazar-e-Sharif Questions

Lambs and Wolves
1. It could be seen as ironic because the novel is about his journey to seek refuge in Australia and had gone to many other places along the way of his journey and Najaf when he was younger never had thought that he would had left Afghanistan to go to another country but he did now he has a house, business and freedom. 2. The reason why Najaf makes this great leap through time is because when he was describing his school experience’s when he was a boy in Afghanistan, he was disinterested in school ‘’ how could it help me to know of the great oceans of the world, of the continents, of the lands ten thousand miles away that I would never visit?’’When Najaf takes a leap through time of his daughter in primary school in Australia, Najaf can see that she is excited to be at school whereas Najaf was completely the opposite. The leap through time was to show the differences with the experience’s. The Room of Questions

1. Language is used to convey tension when the immigration officer is asking questions to Najaf about his life, he first starts off by introducing himself as Robert and then says for Najaf to call him Bob. This has Najaf confused because he thinks that his named has now been changed to Bob and this makes Najaf ask questions ‘‘why do I call him Bob if his name is Robert?’’. The only way off communication in the interview is with the translator and this also creates tension. 2. What Najaf means is if someone tells a small white lie in a situation like with an interview with an immigration officer, it would better help that person than if they told the truth. Kisses

1. Khandi Hazara demonstrates no matter how much beauty or talent that an individual has, it can all be stolen away by guns or violence. This story also shows that no matter what Taliban’s goals are they will still destroy the beauty for their own benefit ‘’Even though the Talibs would one day take away the music and smash the instruments and beat the musicians, it was not possible for them to kill the love of music in the people.’’ 2. Najaf is trying to explain that when comparing the art of Afghan dancing is like comparing a ‘’feast prepared by a master chef to a burger from McDonald’s’’. What Najaf means is that the art of Afghan dancing is better to dancing in western countries. The tone of Najaf while explaining this is prideful but in a slightly nasty tone. Najaf uses this tone to show the appreciation that he has for his home country. School

1. When Najaf first saw Woomera he described that it looked sinister and all the stories built up by people that Australia is a safe place to seek refuge, it started to play on Najaf’s mind. Najaf’s view of Woomera has summed up what he thinks of Australia as modern building’s built with dark grey concrete where secret testing’s are being done. 2. The topics that the Police officer is talking about are Football, Cricket, and alcohol, going out with women, taxation and driving a car. What the Police officer is suggesting about Australian values are that Australian’s only care about what the Police officer said, whereas Najaf only cares about driving a car and taxation because to him they are the only things that are important of what the Police officer said. ‘’We must learn about things. About taxation, and driving a car. Not so much going out with women.’’ The King’s Son and the Canary Birds

1. Language is used to portray the differences is when Najaf uses words that describe when in the blacksmith shop as painful and that the flashes sting his eyes and how it is loud and dirty whereas Najaf once he quit and moved onto Rug making he founded it to be much more peaceful and enjoyable. ‘’I will turn my hand to rug making all my life.’’ 2. Najaf believes that hands are gifts from god, to use them and make beautiful things that other people can admire and they are used for hard work which Najaf wants to use for...
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