The Rube Goldberg Project

Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 3, 2011
The Rube Goldberg project was definitely an experience I will never forget throughout my college life. We made a very complicated project knowing ironically that we, as future engineers, makes lives of human being at ease and comfortable. At first we thought that making the project would only bore us, but surprisingly, we enjoyed making it. This Rube Goldberg project was one of a kind. It is very different from other projects because it requires a lot of patience, time and hard work. It measures our creativity and capability to do things as we are required to have that as future engineers.

The Rube Goldberg project that was assigned to us was about dropping a 5 peso coin into something and the main goal is turning on a CPU. At first we didn’t know what to do and where to start, so we decided to watch videos on the internet to grasp some ideas. And luckily, we came up with a music video called this too shall pass by Ok Go. It was spectacular. From the video, we came up with something and we started making the project. Doing the project was a lot of fun. We managed to do the project together as a group. Everyone is the leader, we had counted every idea each member has and all of my group mates did a lot in doing the project. Lack of patience was our worst enemy then, but it all went out when we finally saw the finished project and we were relieved when it successfully turned on a CPU. It was worth a big smile when we finished it. I’m so excited in the future for we will not only make projects like this, but we as Mechanical Engineers will build Cars, Motorcycles, Pipelines, Air-conditions, Turbines, etc.

The Rube Goldberg Project measured our versatility, capabilities and creativity. We as future engineers should have those traits for in the future, humans will count on our skills, humans will depend on engineers their satisfaction, safety and their entertainment. Engineers make human’s life comfortable, safe, and easy. This Rube Goldberg Project was...
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