The RPM Life Planner System Software

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"The Fastest Way to Results"

The RPM Philosophy

You can't manage your time if you don't have a plan for your life. The RPM Life Planner™ System Software is a mind revolution: it transforms your massive demands and responsibilities into the exciting realization that you can accomplish something truly meaningful. It helps you to focus and define your life by making you ask yourself new questions. Once you know the results you are after, how to achieve them becomes immediately clear. Anthony Robbins' RPM Life Planner™ Life Management System Software is unlike any scheduling software you might have seen before. Not only does it give you many of the functions you expect from scheduling software, it gives you functions you would only expect from a sophisticated projectplanning system. Here's what the RPM Life Planner™ can help you do: • • • • •

Turn any idea into reality through a simple planning process Replace your "to-do" list with a daily plan that maximizes your time and guarantees your accomplishment Enter all your action items once, and let your computer copy them over into different schedules Integrate the planning and the scheduling of personal and professional long-term and shortterm projects Create a compelling vision for the areas of life that matter most to you

…and much, much more.

Getting the Most Out of RPM Life Planner™ Help
We've created an on-line help file that we think is truly outstanding. Here's a brief description of each of its elements: Quick Start Want to start planning that project right away? Get going on your life plan? Polish your descriptions of your Roles? This section links you instantly to step-by-step instructions for using the most popular sections of the RPM Life Planner™. Getting Started with RPM This is the technical information you'll need to get the software up and running and to navigate through it. It's divided into two main sections: • •

Installation (Installing and Starting Up, Registering Your Copy, System Requirements, Technical Support) Software Basics (The Home Screen, the Main Menus, Screen Conventions, Abbreviations and Indicators, and so on)

The RPM Philosophy This section takes you through the conceptual foundation of RPM. A Tour of the RPM Software This section provides an overview of the RPM Life Planner™ software, with links to the step-by-step sections. Whether you're new to the RPM Life Planner™ or an old hand, check this section out to get your bearings. Managing Your RPM Files Here's where you'll find out, in an easy, question-and-answer format, how to save, store, back up, copy, import and export the files you create with your RPM Life Planner™ software. Step by Step With the RPM Life Planner™ This is where you'll find detailed instructions for using each section of the software. FAQ We've compiled a sampling of some of the most common questions we receive on the tech support line and forum.

Quick Start
There are a number of ways to begin using your RPM Life Planner™ software. The section Step-byStep With the RPM Life Planner™ provides detailed instructions for using the RPM Life Planner™ to: • • • • • •

Create your vision Identify your categories and roles Plan your week Plan your day Plan a project Manage your company

(Click an item to go to that "how-to" section.)

Outcomes/Results for this section
1. To create a foundation for understanding the RPM system by explaining that the key to RPM is developing a new psychology-and that this psychology is based on teaching you to consistently ask and answer three simple questions. 2. To destroy the possibility of your ever making a to-do list again and instead providing you with a sense of absolute freedom and empowerment that comes from having a clear outcome or result and a strong reason why you want to do something. 3. To help you understand that this system may take a little longer to master, but that...
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