The Rotary Cove Beach

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The Rotary Cove Beach

Critical Issues:
In order for The Rotary Cove Beach to succeed, they must address the following: The Cove will need to find a consistent source of revenue so they can stop losing money and be financially profitable for the future. The Cove will need to present a strategic plan to the City Council so that it can secure financial funding from the town for the future. The Cove must complete a proper competitive analysis to clearly define their direct and indirect competitors in order to gain a competitive advantage.

The Rotary Cove Beach has no revenue streams, which has resulted in steady losses for the last 3 years. While conducting a SWOT analysis, The Cove has an abundance of opportunities and options for turning their beach into a profitable enterprise. They just need to identify all options and evaluate which would be best suited for the YMCA, The Cove and the public.

The upcoming election poses a credible threat to the beach, as it will likely result in a decrease of funding or at worst, no funding at all. With heavy losses in recent history, both the government and the YMCA are very concerned with The Cove. The government is growing reluctant of continually spending taxpayers money on a beach that has no revenue. The funding The Cove receives from the government appeared on both SWOT and PEST analysis as playing a vital role in the beach’s operations. The YMCA branch itself is reluctant to allocate any of its marketing budget to The Cove because there is no incentive of any revenue. The case states that the Council will most likely cut $5,000 from their grant for the coming year and the upcoming election may result in no funding at all. Thomson and The Cove needs to show the Council that there is a potential for the beach to make a stable and consistent profit stream in order to secure funding for the future.

If The Cove can not clearly...
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