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The Romanov Government in 1905 Was Weak, but by No Means Broken." Assess the Validity of This View.

By guido1995 Dec 05, 2012 437 Words
"The Romanov Government in 1905 was weak, but by no means broken." Assess the validity of this view.

In the following essay I will assess the validity of this view “The Romanov Government in 1905 was weak, but by no means”.

First, I will analyze the weaknesses that the Romanov Government had. In terms of economy it can be said that Russia suffered an slow economic development caused by the corruption of the government the poor leadership, the slow way to rule, also caused by the low number of urban workers (12% of the population work in the industry, and 82% were peasants), which show at Russia had not achieve the major industrial growth. In addition there were also political failure; Russification was one of the failures. They wanted to impose Russian ways on all the people within the nation, some people were in favor about such moment others no. Also the sheer size of Russia and its undeveloped transport system that limit the chances for industrial expansion. In social aspects there was a big gap between each class. Each class was the Rulling class (who were the Tsar, Court and Government) the upper class, Commercial class and finally the peasants. In military aspects, the higher ranks of the Army were the preserve of the aristocracy, commissions were bought and sold and there was little room for promotion on merit.

In the other hand we have all the positives things. What respects economy the railways help the people. People could travel to big cities like Moscow or St Petersburg, and also it benefit because people could work there in the railway station or inside the train. Also the Great Spurt that was the spread of industry and the increase in production. It was a great time Russia was living and this was caused by the output of coal in the Ukraine and of oil in the Caucasus. In terms of politics, Almost all the Tsar wanted to modernize the two most important capitals, that were Moscow and St Petersburg in order to make it beautiful and in order to make it more industrial for industrial development. In the social failures we can found that the Peasants (Remembered that they were the 82% of the population) support the Tsar until the recession. After this, the peasants started to make revolts and were against the Tsar. Finally, In military aspects the “Red Army” was loyal to the Tsar. They support the Tsar.

In conclusion I think that the Romanov Government had some weakness but at the same time they had many things positives.

Guido Ciccone – Senior 4 - 2012

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