The Rolle of Effective Communication on Employee Performance

Topics: Communication, Conflict, Conflict resolution Pages: 46 (11709 words) Published: April 18, 2013

Communication is the process of sharing ideas, information and messages with others. The most basic communication methods that are known to man are speech and non-verbal expressions such as facial expressions and body language. Apart from these basic methods of communication, there are other methods of communication. These methods began to involve and become complex (I.von Glion, mary Ann young and Steven L.Mc Shane; 1976:392).

Effective/ Good communication usually requires a two-way flow of information rather than simply delivering messages work on creating a flow of message and feedback. A Sender conveys a message, and receiver responds with feedback and perhaps a new message (Cullinan; 1996:327)

Poor or inaccurate communication can lead to conflict and negativity in the work place. It could even lead to the cancellation of deal or the loss of good will. However, in this competitive environment business cannot afford such losses (Cullinan; 1996:329)

Conflict is a process in which one party perceives that its interests are being opposed or negatively affected by another party. This may be a mild disagreement between two people regarding the Best choice in decision (Mary Ann and Steven L.MC Shane ; 1976:402).

On the other hand, conflict is a disagreement of ideas between and among peoples. Conflict has both destructive and constrictive sides. Destructive conflict could be solved as it occurs, others wise it is a challenge to the growth of any organization. Constrictive conflict could increase innovation and creativity. Communication in modern history has many important activities. Among these, it has a great role in resolving destructive conflict and increasing constructive conflict.

Conflict often occurs due to the lack of opportunity, ability, or motivation to communicate effectively. As communication is essential to the communities of a given organization, especially for managers to coordinate the human and other resources of an organization, they required ability to communicate effectively. To coordinate these human resources they should avoid conflicts that occur between employees. To avoid these problems communication is vital (Mary Ann and Steven L. mc Shane; 1976: 408).

Considering point about communication, effective communication, conflict and their relation, the researcher tried to see the role affect effective communication on conflict resolution process of Burayu municipality.

Oromia is the one that have wide area coverage in Ethiopia. Burayu is the city in Oromia region. In Burayu city, Burayu municipality was established in 1987 E.C. At that time Burayu municipality was include under Ambo city municipality named as west shewa welmera woreda Burayu special kebele.

In 1998 E.C, the Burayu municipality established its own municipality called Burayu town Administration municipality. Then it becomes independent municipality from Ambo city municipality.

The total land size of Burayu is 53 km2 and it is 10km far from Addis Ababa. In 1987 E.C the number of population living in Burayu was estimated 10,000 of which 51.4% were females and 48.6% were males. At that time, 23 employees were serving for 10,000 people of the city. Now the municipality is server for greater than 100,000 people.

The budget of the town during the time of its establishments was less than 100,000 birr, but now the budget is estimated to be 100,000,000 birr.

To see Burayu being a model of good administration with full infrastructure and to become beauty and comfortable land to live.

To build good administration and democratic system.
To improve basic development activities such as water, electric power and telecommunication To deliver fast, justified and economic service to the society. To minimize lack of residence by fair...
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