The Roles and Responsibility of a Teacher

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The Roles and Responsibilities of a Teacher

24th September 2013
The role of a teacher is primarily to facilitate the learning process, in a structured and coherent way. Being able to convey your subject matter to a group of learners can be difficult and It forms part of the teacher’s responsibility to be able to approach a lesson in a engaging and professional manner. It is essential that a teacher has an enthusiastic approach, this way they will be able to convey their knowledge to the learners in an engaging and motivational fashion, as pointed out by Anne Gravells “your main responsibility will be to your students” (Gravells 2012). The teacher may also have the added pressure of taking into consideration any particular requirements of any learners that may be within a group. It will form part of their responsibility to deliver the lesson in a manner that can be understood by that group and not impart any prejudice to any individual/individuals within the overall class. The teacher will generally pay special attention to the following when formulating a lesson plan: Identifying the needs of the learner/learners - It is the responsibility of the teacher to identify the exact needs of the learners to be able to perform their role properly. The initial assessment is vital to being able to deliver the content of the syllabus in a fashion that can be absorbed and retained. Planning the learning - putting together a scheme of work that will be engaging and informative, taking into account the syllabus and any special needs. Identifying the particular learning style or styles that would benefit the group and give them the most out of the lesson. Facilitating learning - to be able to facilitate the learning process by giving guidance and advice along the way. Using handouts and doing role play can motivate the learners in a more engaging fashion. Assessing learning- intermittently checking the learners’ skill set to ascertain the knowledge gained is critical....

References: Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector 5th Edition, Anne Gravells 2012 p16
Teaching in Further Education 5th Edition, L.B. Curzon 1997 p150
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