The role Wheat Roller mill plays in Agriculture

Topics: Wheat, Bread, Flour Pages: 1 (354 words) Published: October 27, 2014
Wheat roller mill is playing an important role in harnessing the huge Agricultural potential of China. Fowler which has pioneered world class cleaners at an affordable rate to the Chinese Agricultural Processing industry has again brought in a world class product to change the wheat roller mill scenario in the country. Effective milling of Rice depends on skilled miller, good Paddy and good machines. Fowler in collaboration with the Japanese leaders M/s. A roller mill is a piece of heavy-duty machinery used to crush or grind objects like wheat or rocks. When the WHEAT ROLLER MILL is squeezed between the higher input cost and the lower realization for the output rice, every percentage improvement in efficiency will go a long way to make their profit grow. Roller milling, performed on a scale much greater than stone milling, soon changed every aspect of bread baking. Along with the greater and grander envelopment of all life’s aspects by machines, the roller mills facilitated a once tedious and local process into a smooth and national assembly line. Roller mill machines are widely used in the agricultural and food-processing industries, particularly in grinding grains and barley to make bread, flour, and beer. Wheat roller mill function similar to a steam roller, and pulverize items into smaller particles or fibers. Although a few hard wheat varieties have been adapted to Southern growing conditions, and soft wheat varieties have been bred with greater protein content and better molecular weights, the vast majority of wheat grown in Louisiana is soft wheat sent directly to the feed troughs. These machines may also be used to grind rocks during mining operations, or to produce a variety of powders and chemical products. Win Tone machinery manufacture Co. Ltd is bringing revolutionary product which will give the best yield with the lowest power consumption, thus contributing to the increase in margin for the miller. This series equipment absorbs the achievement...
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