The Role of a Trainer / Assessor

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The role of a Trainer / Assessor

In my opinion, the role of a trainer / assessor is:-
* Liaise with clients / learners and the sponsoring organisation. * Completing Individual learning plans with learners.
* Preparing session plans / Scheme of work.
* Conducting inductions where appropriate.
* Delivering of training sessions.
* Carry out one to one sessions.
* Conduct assessments and tests.
* Marking learners work and providing feedback to learners on progress throughout the course. * Complete assessment results forms that has to be submitted to awarding bodies within the stated deadline. * Complete course reports that have to be submitted to awarding body within the specified deadline. * Maintain learners’ attendance records.

* Handing out certificates at the end of course and submitting evaluation to the awarding body at the required time. * Carrying out duties including collection of enrolment forms that are forwarded to central administration by specified times. * A trainer / assessor is expected to monitor the behaviour of learners and advise management where incidents which causes concern to staff or learners. Such matters may include discrimination, bullying, equity issues, language and literacy problems that are affecting student performance. * Monitor classroom safety and OH&S issues (Duty of Care) and advices of matters that need to be reported for follow up in premises that have been provided by clients. * Must always source out ways of providing help and support for learners. * Must have an understanding of the Equality Act with the ability to set boundaries. * Excellent Time management skill

Plan for first 30 days at work|

Week 1| Date| Topics| Details| Time| Notes|
MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday| Getting to know the ethos of the organisation, | * Understand the rules and regulations * Who are my learners / my client group * My duties and work structure * Get to know my boss / verifier and colleagues * Work materials and resources available to me * Start building folders for learner / clients * Go through the list of learners / Clients * Booking one to one sessions * Sending out letters where needed.| 9:00am to -----pm| (1) It is important for me to understand the rules and regulations of the organisation in order for me to know the boundaries set for learners and me. | | | | | (2) Important to understand how my workload and duties has been structured, set targets, deadlines etc.| | | | | (3) Meeting the team, seeing and understanding how they work is useful and will guide me. A meeting with the verifier is important.| | | | | (4) Imperative to see what work materials that I need to use and what resources that are available for my learners and I.| | | | | (5) If there is a list of clients already, seeing the list of learners and their files will be useful.| | | | | (6) Booking learners to meet with me for a one to one session to complete individual learning plans and getting to know each other and their needs.| | | | | |

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| | | | |
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Week 2| Date| Topic| Details| Time| Notes|
MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturday| Initial assessments and planning| * Getting to know my learners / clients. * Understanding their needs * Agreeing mile stones with learners * Planning and sourcing various training materials and resources for my learners / clients * Planning training sessions / assessments * Booking training sessions / assessments * Consulting with management / verifier to give and gain feedbacks| 9:00am to -----pm| (1) The plan is to see approximately 7 learners per day booked at 30 minutes intervals.| | | | | (2) Using the one to one information to source out what resources and...
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