The Role of a Modern Industrial Manager

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The role of a modern industrial manager
Role of Industrial Manager
The modern industrial manager is largely responsible for overlooking management operations at the workplace along with the management of people and technology . The role of the industrial manager is mainly personnel management initiatives for the employees as well as operational management and technology management through HR principles and knowledge management involving technological advances . Some of the theories that could be discussed in the context would be McGregor 's theory X-Y , Taylor and Fayol theories of management and how leadership skills of the manager could affect output and general performance of employees and the company Role of manager

The focus here is on the role of the industrial manager , what he does and the tasks he is expected to perform . McGregor has formulated his X-Y theory by examining theories of individual behavior at work and his assumptions for theory X and theory Y vary considerably (McGregor 2006 . The theory X assumptions are that employees inherently dislike work and the managers feel that workers are in the job mainly because of the money . This sort of management style has inherent flaws as tight controls could go against the freedom of employees and will finally make people unproductive and resentful . The theory Y shows the management style marked by open-mindedness allowing individuals to work with their own responsibility . In this case , the manager believes that employees commit to their organizations through imagination , and creativity (McGregor , 2006 Weisbord , 2004 . If the job is satisfying , individuals will more often commit to their organization which is always good from any HR perspective . Theory Y is often considered a positive set of assumptions for workers and reflects higher needs The other theories of management that could be used in practice would be Taylor 's scientific management theory that suggests that man is a...

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