The Role of a Marketing Manager

Topics: Marketing, Business, Customer relationship management Pages: 7 (2473 words) Published: May 9, 2013
In order to achieve increased earnings in today’s business world, a business must expand its sales potential and profits. Opportunities are everywhere, but business owners and managers must stay abreast of their market share and continue to be ready to grow when new markets present themselves. The idea behind every business is to attract customer; careful marketing can do just that. When the retail market here in the United States becomes saturated, a discerning leader would be smart to search internationally for potentially new areas to market their product or service. This new direction, along with geographical diversification, could very possibly and very easily increase revenues and profits. As a marketing manager, I am looking into offering leading-edge electronic gadgets, including the iPad, to untapped market places. After learning that young people in Asia and India are starving for this advanced technology, it seemed like the perfect niche to expand business opportunities. Although the iPad practically sells itself, implementing the four utilities of customer value will be imperative when stretching out to my new foreign customers. The first value offered to the customer is the iPad’s form. It is exquisitely designed of high-quality aluminum and glass, and offers more than 300,000 apps that are tailor-made just for iPad. The more apps, music, movies, TV programs, and books you download, the more fun and better it gets. To add value to the iPad’s form, I will be including a snap-on Smart Cover with every purchase. This protective cover will lessen the impact to the glass screen should you happen to drop the iPad. The aesthetics of the iPad are great; but there is more than meets the eye. This device is as remarkable on the inside as it is on the outside. This amazing gadget has a 5-megapixel camera built in that takes beautiful still images and records impressive HD video in full 1080p. Even after capturing the moment, you can edit your photos with a simple touch or cut your video into a cinematic classic. To make sure the fun doesn’t end too quickly, this slim design includes an incredible 10-hour battery life. To continue adding value to the purchase, I will ensure the iPad is available through multiple forms of international mail and shipping services. Another value is timing, and to accomplish this feat, I will take steps to make certain that the retail places offering the iPad, whether in store or online, keep inventory consistently available so that consumers can obtain their new gadget as soon as they want it. Another selling point that will add value to each customer is Apple support. Every iPad comes with access to an entire team of real people who know everything there is to know about iPad and iOS. No matter what the question, no matter what the concern, the Apple support team is there for the device owner. Another standout for this product is that The American Customer Satisfaction Index ranked Apple first in the category of personal computers, which includes tablets. The numbers are also a good indicator of superb quality and value. A whopping 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using the iPad; more and more young people in U.S. school districts are being better educated with the successful creation and implementation of iTextbooks, leading the way in scholarly applications. The combination of each of these initiatives will prove to be of considerable value. Successful marketing is dependent on one’s ability to generate sales through impersonal media. Promoting a product requires a special technique by the business owner to strategically utilize sales incentives, discounted pricing, and/or alternative techniques to stimulate greater demand for the promoted item. Because the iPad is already a hot commodity, I would use the pull strategy to promote to new customers. Television, print ads, and social media are extremely effective ways to reach broad audiences by generating awareness of the already highly...

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