The Role of Youth in Relalising the Dreams of Dr. Kalam

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What is the paradoxical manpower situation in India?
A surplus of manpower in certain categories coexist with shortage of manpower in others.
There is unemployment among technically qualified person on one hand, while there is a shortage of technical sskills required for economic growth
17. What are the various measures taken by the government to spread education in India?
i) There is a provision made for providing universal access, retention and quality in elementary education with a special emphasis on girls.
ii) There is also an establishment of pace setting of schools like Navodaya Vidyalaya in each district. Vocational streams have been developed to equip large number of high school students with occupations related to knowledge and skills. iii) The plan outlay on education has increased from Rs 151 crore in the first five year plan to Rs 43,825 crore in the tenth plan. The expenditure on education as a percentage of GDP rose from 0.64% in 1951–52 to 3.98% in 2002–03. iv) The primary school system has expanded to over 5,00,000 villages in India. Unfortunately, this huge expansion of schools has been diluted by the poor quality of schooling and high dropout rates.

v) ‘Sarva Siksha Abhiyan’ is a significant step towards providing elementary education to all children in the age group of six to fourteen years by 2010. N M I S B - 71 -
vi) Bridge courses and back-to-school camps have been initiated to increase the enrollment in elementary education.
vii) Mid-day meal scheme has been implemented to encourage attendance and retention of children and improve their nutritional status. These policies could add to the literate population of India.
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