The Role of Women Throughout History

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The Role of Women Throughout History
Summary: How women's roles have changed from the past to the present.

Women`s role
No matter how the world changes, no matter what country and social system people live, no one can deny women's importance in history. But it doesn't mean that women are always treated well and fairly, and the women' role in history was changed in each period, too. At first, in primitive society, people proved that it was the time when women took the domination in family and in society. The reasons were that fruit and vegetable was the major food in this period and "the finding food"work was performed by women mostly. After the most original society, when people found out how to use fire, make stone-tool..., women weren't as powerful as before but they also did not have an inferior position in comparatively with men. After the primitive period, women were always believed to be weaker than men, they were not allowed to learn martial art, to go hunting or to take important part in the government system....Although there were some special cases, such as Mulan, the one who disguised as a men and joined the military service instead of her father and moreover, she became the heroine of Chinese; Cleopatra, the famous queen of Egypt, these were also some societies without classes and in which women were as strong and as powerful as men. But they were only exceptional cases. They were really something, but not enough to prove women's important role. In fact, at those times, women didn't have much freedom, especially in China, they were taught to be quiet, and they could only speak with permission, they had to wear pinchy shoes - kind of tight shoes .They also had to observe many rules written for women only, which caused the unfairness between men & women, such as wife must be faithful with her only husband, but her husband could have as many wives as he wanted. Even princesses, who were thought to have better life because they were rich and...
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