The Role of Women in the United States

Topics: Women's suffrage, World War II, World War I Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: September 22, 2014
 The role of women in the United States has been an evolution. The early 1800’s was a time where the role of men and women were clearly defined. Harriet Martineau who visited America during this time period noted that many Americans believed “that there are virtues that are peculiarly masculine and others that are peculiarly feminine. From westward expansion to the industrial revolution women have played a key role and at times were not as valued as their male counterparts. The suffragist movement was the beginning of the women in America finding her voice and declaring she should have a political voice that should be heard and counted. World War II also helped to change the role of women. An increase of women in the workforce in jobs they were not previously able to have and also women on the frontlines as nurses during the war only helped reaffirm the equality that women were looking for at the time. This lead to a renewed freedom for women during the 1920’s and eventually the Women’s Liberation and feminist movements in America. The role of women in society has evolved from the early views that there were roles that were only acceptable for men, and continue to evolve. The pioneer woman was the first women to have to split her time between her home and other responsibilities like farming. Bowles, M. (2011). The expansion of America was important to its growth and the American woman played a key role. This was the first time women worked and produced income for their families. “Farm women worked alongside their men.” Sanders, B., and The American Federation of Teachers, W.C. (1979). Even during this time the farm duties were still designated as male or female. The men were often only responsible for the field work and building and the women were strictly responsible for the household duties. There were times when women would help out on the farm with things like collecting eggs and milking cows. Women of the westward expansion have been equated to the...
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