The Role Of Ulysses S. Grant In The American Civil War

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The Confederacy, commanded by Ulysses S. Grant, is recognized as a major deciding factor in the history of United States. The Civil War began in 1861 and determined the kind of nation that the United States would become. There were many factors that triggered the Civil War, but the main reason was the differences in opinion if blacks should be free or slaves. Slavery had increased heavily in the Southern United States after the creation of the Cotton Gin. By the end of the American Revolution, slavery was dying in the North and South because it had been proven unprofitable. Grant was chosen as the commander of the North during the Civil War because he had proved himself to Lincoln and demonstrated battle skills in prior wars such as the Mexican-American war.
Southern America was winning the majority of significant battles in the early years of the Civil War. President...

He was a master at the art of war and used this as an advantage to defeat Lee, a very tough opponent who was a genius at reading the enemies’ minds. Grant’s instinct for seeing the battlefield as a whole and doing what needed to be done was outstanding. He was very intelligent and clear-minded general who could break down difficult problems into parts that were simple to understand. He had the attitude of a winner, and the necessary talent to win the war.
Robert E. Lee was constantly intimidated by Union cavalry and forced to give up the Confederate capital of Richmond. He decided to stop the war because he knew that this was a defeating disadvantage. His resources were winding up and he did not want to risk the few men that were left. Lee had no option but to surrender. By the spring of 1865, General Robert E. Lee surrendered his troops to general Ulysses S. Grant, effectively ending the American Civil War. The next step would be to begin the process of rebuilding a United States free of...
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