The Role of the Teacher

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"The Teacher is like an oil lamp – if its flame is steady and bright a hundred lamps can be lit by it, without in any way diminishing its brightness. For ensuring the brightness of the lamp, it is necessary that the wick be in good order and the oil supply be sufficient."

Certainly the role of the teacher cannot be written in mere words. However, this writer can highlight some of the key responsibilities to which strategies, methods and planning can be impinged upon.

The following is a list of suggested activities which when presented may facilitate development during the student/teaching experience. These activities are by far not complete in its research.
As such one may wish to modify them to make it fit in their situation.

I.Initial Activities
1.Handle classroom routines such as attendance, dismissal and perhaps lunch distribution. 2.Assume teacher's duties – conduct assembly, clubs and other co-curricular activities 3.Check students' written work and keep necessary records, such as progress report, assignments and projects and mark them. 4.Keep students' in a healthy environment and thus keep them safe.

II.Organizational Activities
1.Keep a notebook or idea file; include minute fill-in ideas such as games, songs, stories, sources of information and materials, ideas for learning centers, bulletin boards, etc. (Inform O.J.T. of these). 2.Make direct observations of classroom activities. (Ask O.J.T. for their opinion). 3.Plan a design for a classroom. Allow the O.J.T. to help set up and arrange the classroom. 4.Ask O.J.T. to help group students for instructional purposes. 5.Become responsible for the general appearance of the classroom. (Cleanliness, arrangement of charts, etc.). 6.Prepare bulletin boards.

7.Develop a repertoire of techniques for class management or handling individual behaviour problems. (Punishment, Time out, etc.). 8.Create an individual behaviour management plan...
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