The Role of Technology in the Development of the United States in the 20th Century

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The Role of Technology in the Development of the United States in the 20th Century
In the past hundred years, it is no question that the advancement and development of the United States has grown exponentially. A great deal of this advancement has been due to the growth in technology that makes life easier, more efficient, and healthier. All of these things combined together, gowing in the 20th century, has made the United States one of the largest world powers and one of the most desirable places to live. There are some things, on the other hand, that technology has affected that really hinders not only the United States, but the planet as a whole. Most of these problems are environmental, which can be detrimental to the planet in the long run, despite the current outcomes. Practices including deforestation and over-fishing contribute to this. However, this technology, when compared to the good and the bad, has definitely left behind a positive mark behind it because of the obvious evidence that technology, such as automobiles, computers, and space exploration, have greatly impacted the present day America we are living in today.

Today, in the 21st century of America, we are a thriving country, rich with technology. We live in a society where an automobile is almost a necessary factor through daily life because without a car or public transportation, most individuals would not be able to actually get to their job. The creation of the automobile has impacted the place we live so much because the citizens of the United States can work in jobs in a much larger radius from their home, which turns out to be very efficient for both the companies employing these people as well as the employee himself because he has more option for places to work, all because of the automobile. We also live in a society where computers are abundant, so much so that in almost all workplaces there are elements of computers and internet. Also, without these computers and information...
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