The Role of Research in Academic and Business Life in B2B Marketing

Topics: Qualitative research, Research, Marketing Pages: 8 (1887 words) Published: November 17, 2008
Title: The role of research in academic and business life in Business to Business Marketing

DATE: 12/11/08

Module Title: MBA Business Research Methods

The role of research in academic and business life in Business to Business Marketing.

This assignment will investigate the role of research in the academic and business life of Business to Business Marketing. Somers () defines research as the study of a subject and its sources and investigating these in a systematic manner in order to find new conclusions (Somers, H. not dated).

Business to Business (B2B) is a transaction which occurs between two companies, that is to say, the consumer is not involved in the transaction of a company. The term may also refer to the total information of the company that provides goods or services to another company (Investor Words, not dated).

Techniques used in B2B research

Desk Research:

Desk research is used to collect secondary data which is collected from previous research. Most research is published in electronic copy or hard copy of the research. Libraries, online databases and internet are important sources of the desk research (B2B International, not dated).

Internet Research:

Internet research tool is growing rapidly in the industrial market and e-intelligence is important in B2B research. It is used to find all the material and new findings of a research (B2B International, not dated).

Qualitative Research:

In this research there are three techniques used; they are focus groups, depth interviews and e-focus groups.

1. Focus groups: It is a method using in qualitative research. It is a type of group discussion. In this participants are involved in debate or in discussions of a market for a product. The participants make comment or suggestions of a market they have scrutinised to the subject and the other participants have to confirm or reject the comment. In this the focus groups understand the motivations and prejudices of the participants. Focus groups have four key characteristics.

i) All participants are actively involved.

ii) The people have experience in the field of research.

iii) The researchers provide depth qualitative data

iv) Discussions will help the researchers understand what is going on the market.

i. Focus groups are small groups with five to ten people involved. The participants have diverse experience in the field and interaction allows all members to speak. In larger groups there is little time and opportunity to for discussion. Therefore small groups are better suited and obtain a small pool of ideas.

ii. The commonality of experience is crucial in order to find the people who give correct information to the research. In this the people are selected on the basis of their degree of homogeneity, recruitment, and their ability to attend all the groups.

iii. Depth information provides qualitative data which does not have numerical value. The data is presented in words, diagrams and symbols etc. The data will be presented by the researcher to the group. The moderator of the group or researcher will guide the group to get the discussions for getting more ideas, attitudes and experiences. It is having more important preferences than group interviews. In this the key factor of this methodology is interaction between the group members.

iv. The topic discussion is important in the focus group. Questions are given to the group participants to start the discussion in a comfortable manner to give ideas and experiences on the topic to research. (B2B International, not dated)

2. Depth Interviews: Depth interviews are conducted for differing data collection in research and take the form of traditional appointment in personal interviews about the research. Nowadays, telephone or web interviews are common. It is a time extended depth interview. In this the participants contact by phone or net for several days on the...
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