The Role of Religion in History

Topics: Islam, Hinduism, God Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: March 30, 2009
The Role of Religion in History

Like most cases in society today, religion plays a large part in the decisions we make and how we live our lives. Whether it be something as simple as believing in a god or any god, obeying the laws of god, or the separation between church and state, religion can have a positive or negative effect in our country. This is not something that only began a few years ago it has been an ongoing belief and controversial topic since ancient history. Whether it be Monotheistic or Polytheistic believe in god or gods there are a few main religions that remained dominant in ancient history; Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Judaism, and Buddhism.

After the fall of the Roman Republic emerged the Rise of the Roman Empire. Religion began to evolve in the Roman Empire and the spread of Christianity became a big part of Rome. Constantine I declared it the official supported religion of the state and any other form of worship would lead to prosecution. Christians or in most part of history were a monotheistic religion and believed in one god.

Islam is the second largest religion in the world after Christianity. Islam is a monotheistic religion that followed the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. The word Islam means “submission” or the complete surrender to God. Those who practiced the religion of Islam were considered Muslims. The Muslims followed the Qur’an and believe that the verses in the Qur’an were revealed to the prophet Muhammad by God through the angel Gabriel. The Qur’an was written by Muhammad’s companions while we was alive. Jihad is the inner struggle and the warfare of religion. Muslims must pray with dedication to make their selves and the city a better place. They believed that raiding and warfare was a way of life. They believe that once the world is conquered by the house of Islam Jesus will return and reward the Muslims with and send the non believers to hell.

With the decline of the Classic empires came the rise of...
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