the role of project management in achieving project's success

International Journal of Project Management Vol. 14, No. 2, pp. 81-87, 1996
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The role of project management in achieving project success
A K Munns and B F Bjeirmi
University of Dundee, Department of Civil Engineering, Dundee, Scotland DD1 4HN, UK

The role of different project management techniques to implement projects successfully has been widely established in areas such as the planning and control of time, cost and quality. In spite of this the distinction between the project and project management is less than precise.
This paper aims to identify the overlap between the definition of the project and project management and to discuss how the confusion between the two may affect their relationship.
It identifies the different individuals involved on the project and project management, together with their objectives, expectations and influences. It demonstrates how a better appreciation of the distinction between the two will bring a higher possibility of project success. Copyright ©
Elsevier Science Ltd and IPMA
Keywords: projects, project management, success, failure, evaluation

It has been recognised over the last 30 years that project management is an efficient tool to handle novel or complex activities. Avots ~ has suggested that it is more efficient than traditional methods of management, such as the practice of functional divisions in a formal hierarchical organisation, for handling such situations. The process of bringing new projects on stream and into the market imposes demands on established organisations and necessitates different management techniques from those required to maintain day-to-day operations. In such circumstances, where companies have a finite, unique and unfamiliar undertaking, the techniques of project management can be successfully implemented. These

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