The Role of Private Institutions in the Recycling Cycle: Aub Recycling Project

Topics: Recycling, Paper recycling, Paper Pages: 24 (7861 words) Published: April 6, 2009
American University of Beirut
Faculty of Architecture and Engineering
Environmental Impact Assessment

The Role of Private Institutions in the Recycling Cycle: AUB Recycling Project

Supervised By Prof. Rana Jubayli

Presented by Mohammad Baydoun
Date: 09/06/2003

Table of content:
I. Introduction:
- Research argument
- What is recycling?
- Research methodology

II. Recycling as an environmental tool:
A. advantages of recycling
B. role of government
C. role of NGOs
D. recycling process:
1. Paper recycling
2. Glass recycling
3. Cartridges recycling

III. Recycling in Lebanon:
A. role of government
B. NGOs role

IV. AUB recycling project:
A. goals of the project:
B. On campus process:
C. the strategy:
D. the problems:
E. Project critic

V. Conclusion

I. Introduction:
Recycling is one of the key issues that are presented as one of the tools of environment saving. Recycling is an attitude that every person can follow in order to be a part of the earth saving process. “Helping to reduce the problems that are affecting our environment is something we all want to do, but it can be often difficult to know where to start. Collecting materials like glass, cans , paper, clothes and plastics is something we all can do, everyday, in our homes”[1].However recycling is a cycle that does not work unless each of the private and public sectors plays his role and corporate with the other. The argument of this paper is to analyze the role of private institutions in the recycling process. The AUB recycling project is the case study chosen for this issue.

What is recycling?
Recycling is the reuse of materials already taken form the nature’s sources[2]. This reuse can be either for the same previous use or for a new one[3] (ills.1). However recycling is not a new idea. This process is similar to the nature’s cycle. “When plants and animals decompose, they give nutrients to the soil which are taken up by plants”[4]. The high consumption of earth’s resources in our modern life style raised the recycling issue as a solution to limit this consumption. The industrial age made the use of new products easier. Before that period Man used to extend the life of his tool as much as possible by mean of repair. Scientists rely on the recycling as the solution for the management of earth’s resources[5]. These resources are limited and should be managed in order to assure the continuation of the human race. [pic]

ills.1: the water cycle.
In order to elaborate the argument mentioned above, recycling will be discussed on three levels. At the first level the theories of recycling as an environmental tool will be discussed. The second chapter will include the advantages of recycling, the role of the government, the role of NGOS and the process of recycling. The process of recycling will include four issues: paper, glass, cans and cartridges. The next chapter will discuss the recycling in Lebanon. The issues that will be covered under this title are: the actual state of recycling in Lebanon, the role of the Lebanese government (the problems and the effort made), the role of NGOS (their problems and their agendas). Also these issues will be related to the previous chapter in order to assess the recycling policy in Lebanon. In the fourth chapter the AUB recycling project will be analyzed. The discussed issues will include: the goals of the project, the on campus recycling process and the problems. These issues will be related to the previous two chapters in order to assess the role of the AUB in the recycling cycle in Lebanon and to raise recommendations according to the theoretical background discussed in the first chapter.

II. Recycling as an environmental tool:

A. advantages of recycling:
Recycling is a multi-beneficial...
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