The Role of Ngos Combating Human Trafficking

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I. Allgemein

1. Konstruktuvismus in IB
2.1. USA
2.2. Deutschland (Spiralmodell)
2. Menschenhandel aus der Menschenrechtsperspektive
3.3. Internationale Normen und Regimen
3.4. NGOs in den MRBereichen

II. Fallbeispiel Mongolei

1. Zur politischen Struktur der Mongolei
2. Zur internationalen Normen und Regimen im Zusammenhang mit Mongolei 3. Bild von NGOs in der Mongolei.
4.1. Über Zugang von NGOs in die Politik
4.2. Öffentliche und politische Meinung
4. Menschenhandel-Neues Phänomen
5.3. Politische Dimension
5.4. Soziale Dimension
5.5. Wirtschaftliche Dimension
5. Die Einflussnahme von NGOs auf die Regierung
6. Tätigkeitsfelder von NGOs
6.1 Opferschutz
6.2 Stand-alone law
6.3. Kooperation mit Behörden auf der Int. und nat. Ebene

III. Experteninterview über die Rolle von NGOs in der Mongolei 1. Befragung von staatichen und nichtstaatlichen Akteuren
2. Fragebogen
3. Antwortenanalyse Überprüfung der Hypothese

IV. Fazit

Zur Lage von NGOs in der Mongolei:

Source. Ngos in mongolia. By d. byambajav
In the 1990s, despite its landlocked location within a buffer position between two great powers and a lack of a democratic heritage, Mongolia embarked on the path of democracy after seventy years of communism. Mongolia had much going against it, including a poor economy, dependency on its two neighbours, an unconsolidated new political system, new international environment, and tremendous changes in people’s lives. Support and assistance from the developed world was essential in dealing with these challenges. Main donor countries like Japan, United States, and Germany, as well as international organizations such as the UN, World Bank and IMF began to provide economic and political aid to Mongolia. This assistance included programs aimed at creating economic development, political democracy, and a prosperous partner for the future. At the same time, international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) have played a significant role in the efforts to assist Mongolia in addressing the difficulties of this transition and the establishment of a democratic polity. Unfortunately, the role and impact of NGOs on the host society has not yet been properly studied and mostly omitted from structural theoretical and empirical accounts explaining the state of transnational civil society and international assistance. However, much research has been done on their role in world politics (Anheier 2001, Boli and Thomas 2002, Keck and Sikkink 1998, Lindenberg 2001, Clark 1995). Not the international relations scholars or political scientists, but development analysts, sociologists and economists have performed key research into the topic, mainly since 1980s when the number of NGOs with international perspectives was dramatically increased and the participation of NGOs in international assistance was intensified (Carothers 1999, Ottaway 2000, Mendelson and Glenn 2001).

Graph 1: Growth of international NGOs in Mongolia
A number of NGOs including The Asia Foundation, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Soros Foundation, and International Support Service began their assistance to Mongolia in 1990-91. Since then, the number of international NGOs in Mongolia has greatly increased: between 1991 and 1996, there were thirty six international NGOs operational, while in 1997-2002 this number rose to ninety five. Today there are one hundred and sixteen international NGOs registered at the Ministry of Justice and Home Affairs as well as national committees of international networks such as Rotary club and Amnesty International (See, Graph 1). There was a significant increase of NGOs after 1997 and 1998, most likely due to factors such as the Law on NGOs passed by the State Great Hural (Parliament) in 1997 that helped...
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