The role of media in the family in flux

Topics: Family, Marriage, Family therapy Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Media as the Cause of The Family in Flux
The family – the fundamental yet significant unit of society, is in jeopardy. Decades ago, the prediction that the state of matrimony could one day be an aberration would be condemned as a piece of unreliable augury. What do we see today, when the demographic change of society around the globe has highlighted that the glorious era of marital domesticity is in its last days. These startling shifts in the evolution of mankind is in stark contrast if today’s society were to be juxtaposed with the society of before, when man used to live in extended families, running household corporations, and feeding themselves solely by what the manpower of the family produced. The glamorization of dysfunctional families today is very much disconcerting. TV shows such as The Simpsons and Desperate Housewives over-valorize scandals, turning the concept of “family” into something that is more of a sickbed of problems. Meanwhile, the wave of globalization and revolution of ethos that once guided societies to strict, binding marriages has called for anxious ruminations in many. It might be time people abandoned the notion of looking at this issue through rose-tinted lenses, and instead stand out to face the naked, brutal truth of the family in flux. Remarkably, the media, in its bid to attract more viewers, has exaggerated the state of dysfunctional families in a surreal manner, such that everyday conflicts brew into violent confrontations, and often, breakups or emotional traumas. Adults themselves form the majority of viewers, and they are responsible to carry out the duty of continuing marriage as a cherished institution of society. Under the frequent visual influence of the medium, the society will become disjointed as more and more members of the society lose their solace in familial relationships, their mindsets, perceptions and judgments being altered to a large extent by their pastime activities. Families used to provide a...
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