the role of leadership

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Managers hold the controls of every organization. Managers are not always good leaders and vice versa, however leadership can help improve one’s managerial skills. There are a lot of skills leaders and managers share and a lot of behaviors as well.

Managers have to be able to tap in to leadership skills especially if they are in charge of people. These skills can be taught through classes in fact. I myself have taken a lot of classes through my job to help improve my leadership and managerial abilities. These included classes on communication, leadership, counseling, and conflict management just to name a few. Leaders & managers already exhibit several of the same skills its just how they are used and developed is the way I see it. Leaders tend to worry more people oriented and managers. Managers seem to be more task -oriented. In order to be both a good manager and a good leader a balance must be found between the two so that your subordinates feel appreciated, trusted, and motivated and that the goals of the organization also get accomplished. If a balance is not maintained followers will start to reject the manager and subtly fight back, trust and respect are lost and the team crumbles.

To become a truly great manager one must learn to communicate. Communication is a key trait of all leaders and managers. Through communication ideas are shared, negotiations are started, motivation instilled etc. Communication will help a manager learn from his team as well as from his uppers. For instance if a question is not asked it could have painful.

Teams are the foundation for leaders to work with. Leaders influence teams with everything they do. This includes talks, setting goals, planning, coaching, mentoring, rewarding or punishing. Through these actions a leader helps mold his team and in turn teaches them leadership and manager skills. For example one of my supervisors having just been promoted to supervisor didn’t understand everything I...
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