The Role Of Insanity In Poe's The Tell-Tale Heart

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"The Tell Tale Heart" as people say, "This story is told through the eyes of a madman.......Who,like all of us, believed that he was sane." Sanity believe it or not, is harder to keep than you think. One thing that I have learned from "The Tell Tale Heart" which is, obsessing over little things, is that obsession can lead to insanity. As it did for the man when he obsessed over the old man's eye and heart beat. Obsessions are a common thing and my three basic points of this are, the insanity of the man in the story, the obsession of negativity in Poe's life and how his sanity was effected and how obsessions connects with my life and others around me.

The "Tell Tale Heart" has a lot of different themes you can take from it, but one I took was obsessing over little...

He takes the negative approach of things, which I say is based from his childhood. As it says in this quote by Poe, "I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity," it seems that he always had seen the negative of things in life instead of positive. As Poe made for his character to obsess over the eye and the heartbeat, I feel that he used a lot of through his negative approach. There is a possibility that he could have used the obsession that he has on his negative and bad childhood and put it into a story, giving the man something to obsess and go insane over. Though Poe didn't go as insane as the man in the story and killed someone, he's definitely not as sane as he could be. He had a different perspective on life, and it wasn't a wrong kind of perspective but it was just not the normal one that you wouldn't normally hear about. Another quote from Poe, "I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it." This quote really makes me think what it was to see life in his shoes. Another reason why his stories were so different and so interesting because he took what he was feeling and put it in book...
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