The Role of Hrm in "Modern Competitive Organization"

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Human Resource Management(HRM) is the process of evaluating an organization's human resource needs, finding people to fill those needs, and getting the best work from each employee by providing the right incentives and jog environment-with the overall aim of helping achieve organization goals. Therefore, human resource management is more strategic.

When the industry is getting expanded and organizations are becoming competitive they try to use HRM as a tool to make the necessary changes to over come this competition. The following can be shown as the role of HRM in a modern competitive organization. To develop flexible human resources that will effectively respond to change. To motivate the human resources effectively. To create and maintain a cooperative climate of relationships within the organization. To meet the organization's legal responsibilities relating to the human resource. To keep the cost of human resource management under control.

The organization should examine the resources available to it at present, in particular the utilization of its current resources.It is inadvisable to go for new resources when its existing resources are not properly utilized. Progressive organizations have a database of their human resources. This enables them to control the resources efficiently and effectively. The database should be updated whenever there are changers in human resources such as acquisition of new skills or termination of existing personnel.

The should consider its future requirements of manpower.This will depend on the future plans of the company, especially plans for expansion in the future.How will the company meet its future requirements of labour? If internal supply fails, then the company will have to look out to external sources.

Technology plays a major part in the management of HR. It has helped to increase the productivity of labour. When the productivity of labour increases less people are needed in the future. Even the current...
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