the role of HR in R&S

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HRM role in recruitment & selection- MBSL


MSBL Ltd – Sri Lanka

Vacancy: enter to recruitment process as a collective agreement of management and also compatible with organisational goals Helps to fill necessary vacancies at right time in a cost-effective manner MBSL, collect vacancy list from relevant department managers, analyse it with company objectives to fill adequate number of staffs at right time to increase the productivity Job Description – identify the exact purpose, responsibilities and duties of vacant job Creates a better idea to recruiter about the purpose, duties and responsibilities of job to filled and guild through the rest of the R&S process MBSL make a concise list of roles and responsibilities of vacant job Person’s specification – describe the characteristics required from the person to perform the job Serves as basis of advertisement, short listing and to decide best method for select candidates MBSL use PS to secure best candidates with right behaviours and attitudes

Terms & conditions – provide negotiable and non-negotiable information to potential candidates in terms of hours, rewards and etc in advance

Attract candidates who are happy with terms and discourage who are not happy. This creates a better understanding from beginning to avoid future disappointments for both parties MBSL offer negotiable terms as its mostly attract newly pass out graduates for jobs to bring fresh ideas Attracting candidates – contact most effective media to reach potential candidates according to available recourses Helps to encourage internal candidates for promotions while attracting new high caliber candidates externally MBSL emphasis on both external and internal entities to attract good quality candidates Short listing – categorised candidates comparing to criteria stated within JD & PS Allow to identify the potentially suitable candidates to progress to next stage It refers to JD & PS as a basis of categorising candidates into possible yes or no Selections – select best candidates using number of methods as directed by JD & PS Helps to choose best candidates as directed by JD & PS

MBSL use variety of method from interviews, job assessments, group assessments giving opportunity for candidates to demonstrate their capabilities and recruiter o make wise decision

Job offer – inform successful candidates about the job offer Confirms the candidates are selected and inform them to get feedback if they are still available, if not to moved to next in the list without delay Send regret letter to unsuccessful candidates to thanks to their interest

Today businesses are facing immense challenges cause by globalization and emerging economies. This has severe effects on the way organizations operate demanding for further structural changes to increase their efficiency for the survival. Human Resource in this regard has become an important function in any organization as capability driven by skills and talents of people cannot be easily emulated as marketing and finances. Therefore a recruitment & selection practices in an organization must be effective and efficient in attracting the best manpower, to avoid costly mistakes of selecting wrong candidate intern rejecting right candidate(Sims,2006); (Roberts,2005). The following briefing paper will further explain the role of HRM within R&S process in general and MBSL approach within R&S while highlighting the area of poor and good practices. The HRM practices have developed due to increasing challenges cause by globalization and different organizations follow different strategies align with their objectives to stay competitive. For instance traditional praise of HRM procedures has change to more efficient and effective strategic human recourse management to handle all human capital activities from hiring, training, retention, rewards while...

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