The Role of Howard Schultz in Starbucks

Pages: 2 (892 words) Published: October 27, 2014

Question 1: What management skill do you think would be most important for Howard Schultz to have? Why? What skill do you think would be most important for a Starbucks store manager to have? Why? Conceptual Skill would be the most important skill for Howard Schultz to have and as we can see Schultz already had those skills. When he went to Italy and saw espresso bar it was his conceptual skills that led him to the idea of introducing coffee bars in America. It was his conceptual skills that led him to identify the opportunity. And it is the conceptual skills that lead managers to take advantage of opportunities and oppose threats as well as make good business decisions and lead him to innovation. Human and Technical Skills would be the most important for a store manager because he is indirect contact with employees. By Human skills he is able to work well with other people individually and in a group and by technical skills he can guide people under his supervision to efficiently perform specific tasks Question 3: Choose three of the current trends and issues facing managers and explain how Starbucks might be impacted. What might be the implications for first line managers? Middle managers? Top managers? The three trends and issues are as follows:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Nowadays, businesses have become more competitive. So in order to survive in this competitive environment, the manager should have entrepreneurship skills. These skills includes Looking for Opportunities

Due to these skills, Starbucks has excelled and reached to the height of success. Starbucks focused on growth the reason they have been able to expand to 11,000 outlets in 36countries. They also introduced many innovations in their product line. It is mostly implicated on top line managers as they are the ones who make major business decisions. WORKFORCE DIVERSITY: A workforce that heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, age and other characteristics that...
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