The role of government

Topics: Government, Minimum wage, Democracy Pages: 3 (722 words) Published: May 3, 2014
Original Essay #4: What is the role of government in today's life
The government, something we all have our different opinions on. Some citizens of this country dislike the government while others appreciate everything the government does for us in our everyday life. The government has a great affect in our lives every day, although most of is not very beneficial to us. Yes, the public schools we go to, the roads we use, the police that protect us, the ambulance and firefighters that risk their lives to save your life are all there because of the government. Although looking at the bigger picture that has an effect on us all the time is that, every day, when you walk into a store, whether it be a grocery a store or clothing store you are paying extra money to the government on a good you are purchasing. On top of that, the money you work for 5 days a week, 8 hours a day is not all yours because the government is taking parts of it away due to taxes.

If you were to ask me, I would say government has a negative effect on our every day lives. The things they do for us is not because of generosity, we are paying them for the everyday benefits we use through taxes. Even when someone is in danger of dying the ambulance doesn't come free of charge, you have to pay no matter what. Everything they do for us has to come out with us paying them back in some type of shape or form such as taxes. Many roads that we drive on make you pay for a toll which charges a minimum of $4.00 when you pass a bridge for instance. The government in my eyes is a reason why our nation is so corrupt at times.

The government has set so many rules and regulations that every citizen must follow. It seems as if any step we take they are behind us watching us. Every day the government is setting more and more rules on everything we use and do. They regulate things from voting rights, to even making rules for television. They seem to be so intact with everything that citizens can rarely...

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