The Role of Family and Traditions

Topics: Family, Sibling, Parent Pages: 2 (995 words) Published: November 7, 2013
The Role of Family and Traditions
I would love to brag about my family but there has been times when I cannot stand some of them. On other occasions, I feel like I could have not been born to a better family. To begin, I would like to share with you just a brief part of the story of my family. First, I would like to share the influence that my family plays in my life. Second, I would like to tell you about the influence that my culture plays in me. Third, I am going to compare the similarities between both my family and my culture. Fourth, I would like to compare the differences between them. There are seven members in my family. I have two brothers and two sisters. We were all born in Mexico, except my younger sister. My older brother and my older sisters were born in Michoacan. My younger brother was born in Queretaro, one of Mexico’s thirty one states. My baby sister was born in Chicago; and I was born in Mexico City. In 1966, my parents migrated to Mexico City looking for a better life, and that’s how I was born there. My parents lived in an apartment building with no water. My mother had to carry water up three floors to do laundry and also to give us a bath. A couple of years, after I was born, my parents decided to move back to Michoacan. A few years later, my father migrated to the United States to work, leaving us behind. He would send my mom money for food and to buy whatever we needed. I don’t remember my father coming back about every six months to see us, but that is what I have been told. He would stay with us for a couple months, and then migrate back to the U.S. In 1977, my father decided that he was going to bring my mom to the U.S. with him. So on September of 1977, my mom and dad migrated to the U.S. with my baby brother, leaving us with his sister, my aunt Carmen. My dad promised us, that he would come back to get us the following year. The stay with our aunt Carmen was not very pleasant. She had her own family; her own problems and...
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