The role of entrepreneurship in economic development of a country

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“According to the scholars, All the Small Business owners are not entrepreneurs”

Small Business is normally privately owned corporations, partnerships, or sole proprietorships and it typically has a small number of employees. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

A business that is independently owned operated and also well aimed for profit can call as a small business.

“At the same time venture growth is the essence of entrepreneurship”

In political economics, entrepreneurship is a process of identifying and starting a business venture, sourcing and organizing the required resources and taking both the risks and rewards associated with the venture. (Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Entrepreneurship is that one’s dream, creativity idea or an innovation come reality otherwise there will be a risk to lose almost everything.

Mr. C.S. Ediriweera Chairman Shri Advertising (Pvt) Ltd

Career Path
His father was a poor farmer & strongly believed that only way to get over that difficult period was to give good education to his children. Mr. Ediriweera studied up to O/Ls at the village school & later entered the Kegalle Maha Vidyalaya for his A/Ls. He obtained his first degree in marketing at the University of Sri Jayawardanapura & later went to complete a MBA at the post graduate institute of management. Soon after passing out from the university he started his career as a supervisor at Nelve’s Advertising Company. When time passed he thinks to start his own Advertising Company. This was his stepping stone into the world of entrepreneurs. His dream was come true by the end of 1990. It was the Shri Advertising (Pvt) Ltd.

Major Turning Point of his Life
According to Mr. Ediriweera, the major turning point in his life was graduating from the university. He points out that the only capital that he had was his degree & hence feels that his education at the university has given him to required knowledge for survive in the business world. He says that the university life molded him to face any difficult situation & helping him to be a survivor.

Major Achievements
His biggest achievement is setting up a billion rupee enterprise in Shri (Pvt) Ltd from mere capital of 80,000 rupees. Special degree in marketing
Gold Award – Entrepreneur of the year (2005)
Platinum Award for National Entrepreneur of the year 2006

Challenges Faced by him
The biggest challenge faced by Mr. Ediriweera was survival. He says that challenges push people to think strategically. He goes onto say that as human beings; the biggest challenge a person has to face is from the nature. He says that as a young boy, he didn’t have enough food to eat. This has pushed him to a survival mode. This training he got from his childhood experience leads him to live with the nature & survive any difficult situation.

Key Factors of his Life
Mr. Ediriweera says that several factors stand as reasons behind his success. His childhood training has helped him to be a survivor with limited resources. He says that he is a dreamer. He always dreams of things that he wants to achieve in his life. However not only dream & wait, but he ensures that all his dreams are achieved, this is also another key factor in his successful life story.

Shri Advertising (Pvt) Ltd

Organizational Structure

Business Activities

The major activity of the Shri (Pvt) Ltd is providing the service to businesses & other parties that need propagation. Such as fix huge advertisement boards both side of the road & populous places, fix boards in crossroads that contain information about how the roads are divided & the distance for each destination, advertise the advertisement in newspapers, create ads & fix...
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