The Role of Eco-Entrepreneurship Education in Forming a More Sustainable Business

Topics: Entrepreneurship, Third World, First World Pages: 7 (2657 words) Published: April 19, 2013
AN ESSAY ON THE ROLE OF ECO-ENTREPRENEURSHIP EDUCATION IN FORMING A MORE SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS AND FUTURE LOCAL ECONOMIC GROWTH What is Global warming? What does it cause? How does it affect us? My essay will talk about the current climate change which we are experiencing today. We have to face the challenges of climate change because climate change is real, and global problems are now experienced in all parts of the world. We cannot escape mother nature’s wrath from every natural resources abused from throwing small candy wraps in streets to our household garbage, from the pollution created by cars and big companies. Now every bits and pieces of the garbage are all coming back to us in the form of flood that clogged our drainage. According to President Barrack Obama on his speech last Novemeber 28, 2009 he said that because of climate change there will be more floods, more hurricane, more droughts, more wildfires, famine in various places, unemployment all over the world, sickness and new diseases will then follow, increasing gas prices and inflation . Even the richest countries in the world with expected advance innovations and development are hit by climate change, they cannot escape the economic downturn caused by natural disasters, but with everything going on in our environment there are still reasons to believe that we can still do something to prevent it. This essay will talk about first, the role of eco-entrepreneurship education and local initiatives. Second, we will discuss the global political pressure on climate change . Third, we will also site a real life examples of eco-entrepreneurs and the local initiatives in their respective communities . Fourth we will also differentiate the economic drivers of entrepreneurship in first world countries and the third world country and lastly the future of eco-entrepreneurs in the 21st century and how entrepreneurship can maintain a sustainable economic growth. On the issue on global political pressure there are several climate scientists who were ask by some politicians to keep in secret any scientific results which imply that global warming is due to increased human activities. These scientists were pressured to hide their report on global warming to protect the Bush 2004 Presidential Election from controversy. According to Houghton the global average surface temperature has increased over the 20th century by about 0.6 degrees celsius and emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols due to human activities continue to alter the atmosphere in ways that are expected to affect the climate. The economic drivers of entrepreneurship of a first world country is different from the third world country. For instance ,the economic drivers of entrepreneurship in America is because of the continuous demand and increase in gas price. The only solution that the president could see in 2008 is to reduce gas demand and he visualizes the thriving market in renewable energy to begin in America. President Obama’s goal in 2008 is to use 20% of energy which comes from the natural resources like wind, solar, biomass, hydrothermal and geothermal. In his re-election last November 2012 he is encouraging more oil drilling in places like North Dakota, Texas and Alaska this is to hopefully lower dependence on oil from the Middle East. Renewable Energy will be the new drivers of change. In contrast to the entrepreneurship in America versus developing countries like the Philippines, based on the write up in International Entrepreneur in 2013, the Philippines is a highly entrepreneurial country. The main reason that drives its entrepreneur spirit is its poverty. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) account for the largest share of Philippine entrepreneurs. SMEs, including micro-enterprises, account for 99 percent of all business establishments and 60 percent of the exporting firms in the Philippines. Entrepreneurship can be clearly defined as the introduction of new system in finance or business...
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